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[Arch & Design Passepartout] The Ultimate directory for designers and architects (500+ app & tools)

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*BETA Version, still in progress. Once completed it won’t be free anymore ;)

Design Passepartout - The Ultimate Toolkit for Designers and Architects

Discover "Design Passepartout," the most comprehensive digital toolkit curated specifically for architects and designers. This exhaustive collection features an extensive range of tools and resources, carefully selected to support every aspect of your professional journey. Whether you’re working on a new project, seeking inspiration, or aiming to enhance productivity, "Design Passepartout" has got you covered.

Artificial Intelligence

  • AI Images: Transform concepts into stunning visuals with cutting-edge AI image generators.
  • AI Chat & Content Creation: Streamline your workflow with AI-powered writing and brainstorming tools.
  • AI Design: Leverage AI to optimize and innovate your design processes.
  • AI Video: Create and edit videos effortlessly using advanced AI technologies.

Community & Interactions

  • Create Forms and Surveys: Collect valuable feedback with user-friendly form builders.
  • Create Contests: Engage your audience with creative and interactive contests.
  • Create Webinars: Host professional webinars to share your expertise and connect with peers.


  • Writing: Enhance your content with tools designed to improve writing quality and efficiency.

Daily Tools

  • Converters: Seamlessly convert files into various formats.
  • Convert Video to GIF: Easily transform videos into GIFs.
  • Compress Files: Optimize file sizes for images, PDFs, and videos.
  • Send Large Files: Share large files effortlessly and securely.

Digital Marketing

  • Social Media Tools: Manage and optimize your social media presence.
  • Link in Bio Tools: Create effective link hubs for your social profiles.
  • Email Marketing: Boost your outreach with powerful email marketing platforms.
  • SEO: Improve your search engine rankings with advanced SEO tools.

Education & Training

  • Online Courses: Access a wide range of online learning resources.
  • Courses for Architects: Specialized courses tailored to architectural professionals.
  • Language Learning: Enhance your communication skills with language courses.

Get New Clients

  • Schedule Appointments: Simplify client scheduling with intuitive tools.


  • CRM: Manage your client relationships efficiently.
  • Customer Support: Ensure excellent client service with top-notch support tools.

Graphics & Branding

  • Color Palettes: Find the perfect color combinations for your projects.
  • Presentations & PowerPoint: Create impactful presentations.
  • Branding & Logo Design: Develop your brand identity with expert tools.
  • Fonts: Access a vast collection of fonts.
  • Format & Dimensions: Ensure your designs meet the required specifications.
  • Maps: Integrate maps into your designs seamlessly.
  • Create Graphics: Design stunning graphics with ease.
  • Online Brochures: Develop interactive brochures.
  • Interactive Images: Make your visuals more engaging.


  • News: Stay updated with the latest industry news.
  • Blogs: Follow influential design and architecture blogs.
  • Podcasts: Listen to insightful discussions and interviews.
  • YouTube Architecture Channels: Explore visual content from top architecture channels.
  • Inspiration (Architecture Websites): Draw inspiration from leading architecture websites.
  • Sustainability Resources: Access information on sustainable practices.

Jobs & Careers

  • Job Searching & Offering: Find and post job opportunities.

Project Management & Productivity

  • Project Management / Time Tracking: Keep your projects on track with efficient management tools.
  • Mind Mapping: Organize your ideas and projects visually.
  • Productivity: Enhance your productivity with specialized tools.

Public Archives and Copyright-Free Materials

  • Public Archives: Explore a wealth of public domain resources.
  • Free Images: Access high-quality, royalty-free images.
  • Royalty-Free Music: Find music for your projects without copyright concerns.
  • Paid Music: Access premium music options.

Personal & Health

  • Health: Maintain your well-being with health-focused resources.
  • Finance: Manage your finances effectively.


  • Online Printing: Print your designs with top online printing services.

Research & Analysis

  • Competitor Analysis: Gain insights into your competitors.
  • Monitoring: Track and analyze key metrics.
  • Link Tracking: Monitor the performance of your links.


  • Mock-Up Resources: Find high-quality mock-ups for your presentations.
  • Vector Resources: Access a vast library of vector graphics.
  • CAD & 3D Resources: Enhance your CAD and 3D projects.
  • PSD Resources: Utilize a variety of Photoshop resources.
  • Textures: Add depth to your designs with textures.

Self Promotion

  • Online Portfolio: Showcase your work with professional portfolio tools.
  • Awards and Competitions: Enter prestigious awards and competitions.

Storage & Archive

  • Cloud Storage: Securely store and access your files in the cloud.


  • Team Collaboration: Work effectively with your team using collaboration tools.
  • Intranet: Build an intranet for your team’s internal communication.


  • Create Online Videos: Produce and edit videos online.
  • Free and Paid Videos: Access a variety of video resources.


  • Website Creation: Build stunning websites effortlessly.
  • Generate Conversions: Optimize your website for conversions.
  • Manage Websites: Efficiently manage your online presence.
  • Download Digital Products: Access digital products and resources.

3D Modeling

  • Online Design: Create 3D models with advanced online tools.

"Design Passepartout" is the ultimate solution for architects and designers seeking to elevate their work, streamline their processes, and stay ahead in the competitive design industry. Embrace the future of design and architecture with this indispensable toolkit.

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[Arch & Design Passepartout] The Ultimate directory for designers and architects (500+ app & tools)

3 ratings
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