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[Vector Isometric People] For architecture diagrams and schemes (150+ low poly figures - standing, walking and cycling)

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By downloading the complete package, you will have access to over 150 miniature figures of people distributed across ten different scenes.

You will find individuals simply standing, others walking or gesturing, some running, and some cycling, all depicted from various angles. All the figures are axonometric, making them suitable for axonometric or 3D architectural and design schematics.

Available for download, you will find:

  • The editable folder, containing the PDF file.
  • A folder with individual scenes in forty separate PNG variants.

The file is continually updated and improved, and you will receive updates as soon as they are released.

Please note: These figures were initially created with the assistance of AI and were subsequently edited, modified, and compiled by the authors.

To discover how AI can be utilized in architecture and design, follow

ITA description:

Scaricando il pacchetto completo avrai accesso a oltre 150 mini figure di persone distribuite su dieci differenti scene.

Troverai persone che stanno semplicemente in piedi, persone che camminano o gesticolano, persone che corrono e persone che vanno in bici da più angolazioni. Tutte le figure sono assonometriche, quindi vanno bene per assonometrie o schemi 3D di architettura o design.

Disponibile per il download troverai:

  • La cartella dell’editabile. Con il file PDF
  • Una cartella con le singole scene nelle singole varianti in quaranta PNG separati

Il file è in costante aggiornamento e miglioramento. Riceverai aggiornamenti non appena verranno rilasciati.

Nota: Le figure sono state create con l’aiuto dell’IA. Poi sono state editate, modificate e confezionate dagli autori.

Per scoprire come utilizzare l’IA in architettura e design segui

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You'll get:

More than 150 Vector Isometric People
Various and ready to use
An editable, well-organized file
Easy to navigate and fully customizable
All the scenes in forty separate PNGs
For a light and fast use
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[Vector Isometric People] For architecture diagrams and schemes (150+ low poly figures - standing, walking and cycling)

5 ratings
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